Divine Mystics

Divine Mystics Meghpori

“Boikunther asore songi ro ashe bhir kore
Aar boiragi kolsi bhashe jomunar jole”

When travelling by train through the vicinity of Shantiniketan in West Bengal’s Birbhum district it’s impossible to miss their presence. Their bombastic, vivacious and powerful voices accompanied by the enchanting music of the ektara and khomok testimony to a tradition which is over a thousand year old. They are the ‘Bauls’ the storytellers who through their evocative songs and music have been passing down their stories and philosophies through the generations. They ask for alms(‘madhukhori”), a part of their faith which upholds their ideal of earning only as much as it is required to keep the body and soul together.

Originally believed to have been influenced by Hinduism, Vaishnavism, Buddhism and Sufi Islam it is a unorthodox devotional tradition. The amalgamation of various cultures gives Baul its very distinctive style and instruments and its artists a very distinct attire. The mystical songs which are listed under UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

As you sit below the majestic Shimul trees of Shantiniketan that line the enchanting Shanibarer Haat where culture seeps out of every corner of this colourful market entranced by the beauty of the effortlessly powerful music you can’t help but be awed by the charm.

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